Civis Bureau




We approach positioning & strategy as an integral part of a project, rather than as an isolated exercise. We uncover the nature and essence of the project and immediately build a vision around that across every touch point. Our ability to express the DNA of a project, even before it’s finished, is fundamental to our strategy.



Our design process is to engage in storytelling and establish a unique narrative while keeping the essence of the brand in-tact. Equipped with a team of highly skilled designers, we offer a wide array of creative services that can elevate your brand and visual identity. Civis Bureau will ensure your visual narrative speaks volumes.



Civis Bureau wants to tell the story of your product both visually and through words. We aim to carefully craft narratives that effectively engage and draw in the target audience closer to your intended goal. By producing content that is both unique and contextualized, Civis Bureau vows to guide each client to be set apart from the competition.